DC Community Resource Data

A.K.A. DC Open 211
A pilot project of the Open Referral initiative

Welcome to DC Community Resource Data.

When someone in our community is in need of some kind of assistance, it’s hard to know what resources are available to them. It shouldn’t be. We can fix this.

The Problem.

The District of Columbia lacks an easy way to collect and share information about the many community resources (health care, social services, food assistance, legal counsel, etc) that are available to residents in need. DC government agencies, non-profits, and community networks publish a variety of directories, but these directories are produced in siloes, and they struggle to stay complete and up to date. This is wasteful and ineffective; we can do better.

A Solution.

Rather than trying to build the perfect application to serve this data, we believe that a truly effective solution must instead make service directory data openly available (i.e. accessible without cost for re-use and repurposing) to an ecosystem of applications and stakeholders.

The big question is, 'how are we going to maintain the data over time?' Well we're going to figure that out, together.

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How to get involved.

The DC Community Resource Data group includes community organizations and civic technologists and other people who want to improve the quality of life in DC. You should join us! We are looking for community leaders, health and social workers, data geeks, and anyone who wants to learn about how these things work and how we can make them better. Join our Google group email list here. Join the Code for DC Meetup here.

This project is supported by the National Conference on Citizenship. To learn more about Volunteering and Civic Life in America visit: volunteeringinamerica.gov.